Small business Big Money

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Give Me Just 3 Hours And I Will Show You How To Start, Grow And Turn Your Small Business Into Your Personal ATM That Will Give You Money On A Daily Basis! Are you planning to start a business? Do you have a small business but you are not making enough money to cover your bills and live the kind of life you want? If you answered YES to any of those questions, this is the most important book you will ever read. Here’s why; In this book, I shared the exact business and marketing techniques I used in starting my business from scratch and turning it into an empire that it has become today. You will discover valuable lessons like… 1. How to decide on the kind of business you should do 2. Why it can be a bad idea to sell what people NEED to buy 3. 7 commandments you must follow before you spend any money on advertising 4. How to get others to promote your business for you for FREE 5 How to price your products and services for maximum profitability 6. 10 factors you should consider before you quit your job to start a business 7.The full story of how I started And lots more. Read this book, apply the lessons in it and watch your business transform into a cash minting venture. See you at the bank.

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Akin Alabi is an expert at creating and turning small businesses into profitable ventures. He pioneered the multi- billion, Naira online Sports betting industry in Nigeria with his company, He is the owner and host of Youth Entreprise Conference, the biggest youth empowerment event in Nigeria. He lives in Ibadan, Lagos and Protaras.

PUBLISHER: Get Altitude Nigeria Limited

Paperback: 223 pages

Language: English

ISBN : 1-63535-408-0


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