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  • La 6ème extinction

    Aujourd’hui, les scientifiques estiment que notre planète est en train de vivre une sixième extinction, la plus dévastatrice depuis la disparition des dinosaures. Mais cette fois, c’est l’homme qui en est la cause. Elizabeth Kolbert a mené une enquête passionnante sur la grande histoire de la vie terrestre, en remontant aux découvertes de Cuvier et Darwin, et sur le péril imminent qui la guette. Elle montre que l’humanité ne peut plus ignorer la crise environnementale, au risque de disparaître à son tour. Prix Pulitzer 2015.
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  • Docteur de l’espoir…

    En 1983, Hawa Abdi a créé une clinique rurale en Somalie. Dans un pays déchiré par les conflits, cette enclave de paix a sauvé des dizaines de milliers de femmes et d’enfants. Remarquée par le jury du Nobel, courageuse, héroïque et simple, le Dr Hawa Abdi réprésente ce qu’il y a de plus noble de la nature humaine au cœur de la barbarie. Voici son autobiographie, le récit de sa vie quotidienne et de sa volonté hors du commun.
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  • Les mots sont des fenêtres

    Une communication de qualité entre soi et les autres est aujourd’hui une compétence précieuse. Marshall Rosenberg met ici à notre disposition un outil puissant pour améliorer radicalement notre relation aux autres. Grâce à des exemples et des dialogues simples, ce livre nous apprend à savoir écouter, à dire ce que nous désirons sans susciter d’hostilité, à communiquer en utilisant l’empathie. La nouvelle édition est enrichie d’un important chapitre sur la médiation et la résolution des conflits.
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  • The richest…

    In The Richest Man Who Ever Lived, Scott reveals Solomon’s key for winning every race, explains how to resolve conflicts and turn enemies into allies, and discloses the five qualities essential to becoming a valued and admired person at work and in your personal life. Scott illustrates each of Solomon’s insights and strategies with anecdotes about his personal successes and failures, as well as those of such extraordinary people as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, and Steven Spielberg.

    At once inspiring and instructive, THE RICHEST MAN WHO EVER LIVED weaves the timeless truths of one of our greatest works of literature into a detailed roadmap for successful living today.

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  • Teamwork 101

    Product Description

    Talent wins games, goal teamwork wins championships . This is true in sports, pop culture, and every other industry - including business. In this essential guidebook, New York Times bestselling author John C. Maxwell explains why teamwork is the heart of great achievement in the game of business and shows readers how to prioritize teamwork and collaboration to achieve winning results. You'll learn how to: build a team that lasts; create positive energy on the team; harness a team's creativity; identify weak players who negatively impact your team; and judge if your team can accomplish the dream.You'll also discover how a winning team is self-fulfilling fuel: because everyone wants to be part of the winning team, you'll continue to attract only the best talent - and stay on top.A great team is the key to great results - for individual employees, leaders, and the company as a whole.

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  • Attitude 101

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    Attitude can make or break you and the people you lead.

    Good attitudes on a team do not guarantee its success, but bad attitudes guarantee its ruin. So says  New York Times  best-selling author and leadership expert John C. Maxwell in this highly practical primer,  Attitude 101 . Anyone who has tried to lead people with bad attitudes knows the frustration it can bring.

    With this concise and reader-friendly guidebook, you can master attitude issues. Learn to:

    • Recognize how individuals' attitudes impact their performance
    • Pinpoint problem feelings, behaviors, and thinking in yourself and others
    • Identify six common attitude problems that undermine teamwork
    • Discover the secret to changing a bad attitude
    • Create new definititons of failure and success that will improve performance
    • Adopt the attitude that helps a leader keep going to the next level

    Attitude is contagious!

    You want to make sure your team is catching the right one!

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  • Leadership 101

    Product Description

    Unleash your leadership potential.

    No matter who you are, you can lead―and lead well.

    That is the message New York Times bestselling author John C. Maxwell gives in this power-packed guidebook: Leadership 101. Here the consummate leader offers a succinct and inspiring framework for enhancing the leadership abilities you already possess. Learn how to:

    • Follow your vision and bring others with you
    • Produce a lasting legacy
    • Grow the loyalty of your followers
    • Make continual investments in the quality of your leadership
    • Increase your ability to influence others
    • Determine your leadership "lid"
    • Empower others through mentoring
    • Create a foundation of trust
    • Use self-discipline to improve your character―and your results

    One of the keys to successful leadership is applying the concepts that have made other leaders strong. 

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  • Overcoming Crisis

    Product Description

    The current prolonged season of war and worldwide economic crisis has created countless personal crises. Unemployment, foreclosures, threats, and fears loom and Christians are not exempt. You can survive and even thrive during these times. Myles Munroe teaches how to overcome any crisis by applying the sure wisdom and the time-tested principles of the Kingdom of God. With special attention to God's original command to be fruitful and take dominion over the earth's resources, you will overcome whatever comes your way. After all, there are no crises in the Kingdom, and that is where Christians hold their true citizenship. Choose today to rise above the circumstances and overcome the crisis.

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  • The fatherhood…

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    All men are fathers.

    The inherent purpose of all men is fatherhood.

    Whether a man is married or single, and whether or not he has children, he is designed by God to fulfill the role of father in the lives of those around him. It is his calling to reflect the creative and cultivating nature of God.

    In The Fatherhood Principle, Dr. Myles Munroe explains that although every man is called to be a father, knowing how to live in this purpose is not automatic. We must
    understand the characteristics and master the skills of fatherhood. Fulfilling the position and role you were created for means exhibiting qualities of leadership, integrity,
    responsibility, and obedience to the ultimate Father of fathers—our Father God in heaven.

    This book provides key principles and insights that will teach you how to fulfill the role of father in your personal sphere of influence. In clear and compelling terms, Dr. Munroe explains how a man can become source, nourisher, sustainer, protector, teacher,
    disciplinarian, leader, head, caring one, and developer.

    Discover God’s original blueprint for men and step into your true purpose in life.

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